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Stem Cell vs. Regenerative Medicine


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There’s much in the news about stem cells. To characterize regenerative medicine as just stem cell is not only incorrect, it is not in compliance with FDA guidelines.

Medicine that’s based on you.

The body is a powerful thing: constructed with the building blocks needed to help heal itself. As the body ages, those regenerative abilities slow dramatically and we are left with the question: Is there a way to supplement our body's ability to heal itself? We believe so.

The body is a powerful thing: constructed with the building blocks needed to help heal itself.

Repair that starts within.

Regenerative medicine plays an important role in the care continuum. Using human cell and tissue products to support the optimal internal healing environment gives patients and professionals new treatment options that weren’t available just a few years ago.

The body’s regenerative process requires a dynamic environment consisting of a variety of growth factors, cytokines, scaffolding, hyaluronic acids, mesenchymal stem cells and chemokines. So in the event of injury, the body relies upon more than just a stem cell. It needs the complex rally of many cells and proteins to help start or aid the regenerative process and get it back up to speed. That’s where we come in, replenishing what the body needs, where the body needs it, to better maintain the whole.


Your Health Pharmacy, in collaboration with the exclusive manufacturer’s staff of researchers and technicians, control and oversee every aspect of tissue processing through our FDA-registered laboratory. Our lab is outfitted with the best-in-practice aseptic laboratory and analytical equipment. This equips our team with the tools needed to not only better ensure safety and viability, but also to discover new breakthroughs in the field.

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