NF4Life Patient Program

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Welcome to the first step towards resetting your health and educating yourself on the six areas of building a strong foundation! Are You Living a Healthy Lifestyle or Just Taking Supplements? This NF4Life Patient Program is an instrument designed to promote positive behavior change and also to help you meet your wellness goals.

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120 Days to Becoming a Better You

  • Phase I: RESET

    Learn the six areas of building a strong foundation: nutrition, hydration, movement, sleep, elimination, & emotional wellness.

  • Phase II: REMOVE

    Why, when, & how do we cleanse? Take our quick 5-minute toxicity test to personalize a targeted cleanse just for you.

  • Phase III: REBUILD

    Explore condition specific protocol recommendations developed by the world’s leading natural health professionals.

  • Phase IV: RECHARGE

    Identify limiting beliefs stopping you from recharging your life.

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**Lab kits can be provided to patients by mail as needed, prices may vary depending on testing requirements