Dermatology & Wound Care

Why should I go to a pharmacy for Dermatology?

Patients with severe skin disorders unfortunately see a reduced quality of life and often go from seeing several types of doctors like general practitioners and dermatologists. When the skin disorder then starts to become extensive or stops responding to treatments, pharmacists can step in to help.

At Your Health Pharmacy, our pharmacists optimize the management of dermatologic conditions such rosacea, eczema, acne, and psoriasis by counseling on medications, promoting treatment adherence, avoiding negative side effects, and recommending personalized skin care.

• Puncture Wounds
• Surgical Wounds and Incisions
• Thermal, Chemical or Electric Burns
• Bites and Stings
• Gunshots Wounds, or Other High Velocity Projectiles that can penetrate the body.
• Abrasions
• Lacerations
• Skin Tears
• Infected Wounds
• Contusions
• Blisters
• Seroma
• Hematoma
• Crush Injuries