COVID-19 Testing

CPESN® Pharmacies and Local Network Leaders

CPESN® Pharmacies and Local Network Leaders:

This week my family and I had to get COVID-19 tests prior to embarking on a cruise ship for a short Thanksgiving trip, so I pulled up the CPESN Pharmacy Finder and identified the closest CPESN pharmacy to where we were staying just prior to embarkation (in Pompano Beach). And, walla! A few blocks away was a CPESN pharmacy that provides COVID-19 testing and PCR collection with a local, independent lab. Music to my eyes! Mac and the team at Your Health Pharmacy were great and it turns out they are doing monoclonal antibody infusions and offering a compounding service for the neighborhood as well. PCR results back same day. Got to love community-based pharmacies!

 SARS-COV-2 Measurement Detection

SARS-COV-2 Measurement Detection
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