Compounding: The Advantages of Compounding Services

  • Do you require medication that has been commercially discontinued? Are you
  • allergic to certain ingredients found in most medications? Are you
  • unresponsive to traditional forms of treatment? Do you need your medication
  • in a different form? As a trusted provider of compounding services in
  • Florida, Your Health Pharmacy can provide customized solutions for each
  • patient’s needs.
  • New to compounding? As a top source of safe compounding medication services in Pompano Beach Florida, we provide you with this ultimate guide to
  • understanding compounding pharmacies and the advantages that we can bring
  • for you:

1. Compounding pharmacies can make medications palatable and easier to


  • Many medications often have an unpleasant taste. Some medications are also
  • difficult to take. This often leads to medication non-adherence,
  • particularly for people who are very particular about taking medications,
  • including young children and seniors. As a compounding and specialty
  • pharmacy in Florida, we can customize your prescribed medications in
  • different flavors and forms, making it more palatable and easier to take.

2. Compounding pharmacies allow alternative dosage forms.

  • Some individuals prefer their medication in a different dosage form. For
  • instance, individuals who find it difficult to swallow pills may find it
  • easier to take their medication in a liquid form. Some medications may even
  • be compounded into a topical form (i.e. gels, creams, etc.) which allows
  • users to directly apply medication to the problem area. As a compounding
  • pharmacy, we can offer different dosage forms depending on your preferences
  • and needs.

3. Compounding pharmacies can make your medications allergen-free.

  • There are several ingredients in traditional medications that can trigger
  • an allergic reaction, such as lactose, dyes, gluten, flavorings, and more.
  • Other commercial medications may also contain other factors, such as
  • preservatives that may not be well tolerated by most individuals. As a
  • compounding pharmacy, we can prepare your medications – allergen-free. By
  • doing this, we can make your medications safer to use.

4. Compounding pharmacies provide access to discontinued medications.

  • Oftentimes, large manufacturers discontinue the production of certain
  • drugs. This makes it hard for individuals who still need these medications
  • to fill their prescriptions. As an experienced compounding pharmacy, we can
  • provide our customers with access to discontinued medications. We can
  • recreate pharmaceutical-based ingredients to make certain that you can
  • continue receiving the important medications that you require.

5. Compounding services offer unique services that regular pharmacies don’t provide.

  • Compounded medications are fully customized according to a specific
  • person’s needs. This means that we take the time to really get to know our
  • customers. What allergies do they have? What medication forms and flavors
  • do they prefer? As a compounding pharmacy, we can provide our customers
  • with a service that they can’t find at most other pharmacies. With our
  • extensive knowledge and compounding expertise, we can provide our customers with a truly unique pharmaceutical experience.