Who Can Benefit from Compounded Medicines


Thanks to technology, it’s now possible to receive safe compounding medication services in Pompano Beach Florida. As your partner in providing quality medications and health care, we make customized medications accessible to our clients. As a healthcare provider, we also recognize that every patient is unique and their care needs are equally unique. Even with their needs for medicine, some patients have to be able to take their medicines in order for them to gain from its potency.

For patients with unique medical preferences, compounding services are the answer. The following are the common types of patients who can benefit from compounded medicines.

  • Children with Picky Taste
    When children get sick, letting them take their medications can be especially a struggle as they find the taste unappealing. However, they will need these medicines for their treatment and recovery. With compounding services in Florida, they can have candy-flavored medicines so that they will still be able to adhere to their doctor’s prescription. When your child also faces this struggle, don’t hesitate to consult from their pediatrician or pharmacist if taking a compounded version for their condition will be acceptable.

  • Seniors with Swallowing Problems
    Many seniors face swallowing difficulties due to illnesses or aging. This struggle can also make it difficult for them to take their medicine, which is important for their overall health maintenance and physical wellness. However, with compounded medication, tablets or pills can be converted into syrups so they can get to swallow their meds well.

  • Patients whose Medicines are no Longer Manufactured
    There are also cases when a particular medicine is no longer available in the market. It could be that the manufacturers have stopped producing it. Pharmacies that provide compounding medicines can help recreate these medicines so that the patient can still get to take their specific medicine as prescribed.

  • Patients with Allergies to Medicines
    Some patients also react negatively to their medicines, as these may have ingredients that can trigger allergic reactions in them. When the patient direly needs this particular medicine, a specialty pharmacy in Florida providing compounding services can make another version of this medicine without the ingredient that results in an allergic reaction. This way, the patient can now enjoy the potential benefits of their prescribed medicine.

While compounded medications are ideal alternatives in select conditions, it’s still important to consult with your primary physician and pharmacist before requesting for a compounded version. Your doctor has to know the steps you’re taking regarding your medication since they’re the ones who can best advise you on the path to recovery. Your pharmacist can also provide insights as to how the compounded version can possibly be administered.

Would you like to know more about compounded medicines? What other concerns do you have regarding your prescriptions or present conditions? Don’t hesitate to approach our friendly pharmacists at Your Health Pharmacy. We would be glad to answer questions and inquiries from you.

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