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  1. ~Marlaine

    Greatest Compouding pharmacy!! I have been using
    Dr Mac for many years and he is the best.

  2. ~Alan

    My Grandson has an autoimmune disease called CVID. My wife has been applying Mary’s Muscle Freeze to his legs daily which are affected by his disease and provides him with relief.
    This week I had the pleasure to meet Mac McMillan, proprietor of Your Health Pharmacy. We discovered his store when we were unable to buy Mary’s Muscle Freeze elsewhere. Your Health Pharmacy was immaculately clean, featured a variety of quality products, possessed a great atmosphere, is well organized and a place to shop that I highly recommend.
    I was able to buy the Mary’s Muscle Freeze for my grandson. While doing so, I enjoyed a nice chat with Mac McMillan about products that alleviate pain and suffering that I experience due to Crohn’s Disease.
    I highly recommend a visit to Your Health Pharmacy to explore possibilities for any health issue you may be dealing with.

  3. ~Marta

    Since I started to use the Dr Mac counseling I can feel my health improved! It is a trust service to our community. Helps a lot !!!

  4. ~Mary-Beth

    Your Health Pharmacy is Great! Dr. Mac and his staff are reliable, efficient , and informative, to meet all of your pharmaceutical and compounding needs.
    I highly recommend Your Health Pharmacy!

  5. anonymous

    Okay all you Pet Owners out there…THIS IS THE PLACE TO GO to get your Pets medicine compounded. My cat Jaguar he hates any kind of medicine. I was lucky enough to stumble upon this Pharmacy and the wonderful man that owns it. Just like all the other reviews I totally agree. So there is no need to repeat what was already posted. I just want to let Pet lovers out there that dread the task of giving your pet medicine to PLEASE TRY this place!!!! Mac can & will make almost anything in any flavor or into a cream that you just rub in the flap of your pets ear….REALLY it’s as easy as that!!! My cat takes 3 different meds that he has compounded into a easy cream. You have nothing to loose so give this place a try. He also does compounding for us humans as well….Lol

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