Live Well with a Well Heart: 8 Heart-healthy Tips

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Nobody will argue as to the importance of the heart, one of the very major organs of the body. Caring for our heart can be even more highlighted as we reach the aging years. As your healthcare provider, being your source of safe compounding medication services in Pompano Beach Florida, let us share with you the following practical tips so you can better care for your heart.

  1. Invest in the active lifestyle. By exercising regularly, you’re also providing more opportunities for your heart to beat well, thus, facilitating the better transport of blood to the rest of the body. Each week, a minimum of 150-minute exercises in total is already good enough. You can break this down to 30 minutes every day. It’s not that hard to achieve, right?
  2. Watch your diet so you can watch your weight. The food we eat is mostly the leading contributor to having the right weight. Select foods rich in dietary fibers, such as fruits and vegetables, so that you can have better digestion. As a result, you will have a better weight that is healthy for your age.
  3. Quit smoking. These two words are as powerful as they are simple. Smoking is actually the leading cause of coronary heart ailment, and you will be glad to know that after a year of non-smoking, your risk of acquiring a heart disease is reduced to half compared with a regular smoker.
  4. Stay away from animal-based fats as these can contribute to cholesterol build-up in the bloodstreams. The healthier alternative is plant-based fats such as olive oil, as these can help flush out the bad cholesterol. When bad fats deposit in the arteries, the heart will eventually get stressed in pumping for more blood leading to heart complications.
  5. Reduce the salt in your meals as sodium can trigger the increase of blood pressure. High blood pressure can easily complicate the condition of your health, so keeping it at the right level is healthy for your heart.
  6. Take your heart-related medications if you have prescriptions. To keep you from running out in your supply, coordinate with a specialty pharmacy in Florida for automatic refill services.
  7. Eat fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids, which include salmon, tuna, or mackerel. Their fatty acids are actually beneficial in flushing out toxins of the body and increasing the strength of the heart, consequently reducing the chances of heart ailments.
  8. Drink alcoholic beverages moderately. Too much alcohol consumption can lead to unhealthy weight gain, which is a contributor to heart complications and other chronic illnesses. Comply with the recommended alcohol limits provided for you.

Maintaining the overall health and wellness of your heart is primarily your personal responsibility. As one of your healthcare partners, our team at Your Health Pharmacy is here to support your endeavors in preserving your heart’s health. When your heart-related medications are no longer available, we can provide compounding services in Florida.

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