How to Protect Your Kidney in 5 Steps

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Protect your heart and you will be protecting your kidney as well. According to the National Kidney Foundation, ailments in the kidney can greatly increase the risk for heart diseases. Hence, when you take care of your heart, you also extend adequate care for your kidneys. As your partner in receiving safe compounding medication services in Pompano Beach Florida, we advocate for your active involvement in preserving your overall health. With that, here are important tips to help preserve the overall health of your kidney, and yes, your heart as well.

  1. Ensure that your meals are balanced and rich in fiber. Most fruits and vegetables qualify for this recommendation. Additionally, reduce using salt as this can contribute to a bad kidney condition while triggering the increase of your blood pressure. Use herbal spices instead. Furthermore, watch out against animal-based fats, except if these are fishes rich in omega-3 fatty acids (e.g. tuna, mackerel, sardines). As alternative, use plant-based oil if you ever want to fry any food.
  2. Work out. Engaging in the active lifestyle is very essential in improving the overall health of your health, thus, to a healthy kidney as well. With adequate exercises every day, a minimum of 30-minute walk will do: you can help reduce blood pressure, improve your muscular strength, and feel mentally well, among other benefits.
  3. Go for a kidney test. Make sure that you’re aware of the overall health status of your kidney. When you have a kidney issue, there’s higher probability that you also have a heart ailment. By getting tested, you can be able to prepare yourself from worse complications caused by not knowing.
  4. Monitor your blood pressure. In the same way as preserving your heart’s health, ensuring that your blood pressure is at the right level is also healthy for your kidney. When you have blood pressure medications that you need to take, adhere to these. If you run out of supplies, consult a pharmacy for a refill service or compounding services in Florida.
  5. Stop the smoking habit. Not only the heart, but your kidney can also be preserved when you decide and actually stop smoking. Ingredients in cigarette can lead to the hardening of the arteries, resulting to heart problems. They can also lead to the thinning of the blood vessels in the kidney, thereby complicating its overall functionality.

These recommendations are provided to serve as guidelines so you can better take care of your kidney and your heart as well.

When you have other medication needed, whether it’s for your kidney or other conditions, our pharmacists in our specialty pharmacy in Florida are ready to be of assistance to you. Feel free to drop us a visit or contact us if you have inquiries. Our team at Your Health Pharmacy is ready to serve you.

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